December, 2013

  • Good grief! A whole year has gone by. In the course of it, I've done some travelling, taken part in two songwriting challenges, endured writer's block for a while, and then climbed back on deck in September. Been busy brutally revising older lyrics - the art of writing is in the re-writing - and working on a handful of new ones.

    I've also arranged to co-write with a professional songwriter in the US in the next few months.

    Looking forward to the February Album Writing Month challenge (FAWM) this year.

December, 2012

  • It's approaching the year's end, and I had a lovely surprise recently. One of my songs made Finalist in the 2012 UK International Songwriting Contest, and three others made the semi-finals. Very encouraging. (-:

November, 2012

  • Goodness! I've got behind. Last year was interesting, with a song ("A Stone's Throw from Rock Bottom") featuring in an episode of the US TV series "Hell Cats" (May 2011).

    Two other songs ("May I Have a Large Container of Coffee" and "Magical Misery Tour") were included on Indie CDs: Calum Carlyle's "Honesty and Thorns" and Ian Burrage's "This Side of Midnight", respectively. That was fun. (-:

    An extra thrill was to have two heavy-metal songs forwarded via TAXI for consideration in a movie. I won't hold my breath on this one. Still, the honour of getting two forwards was pretty neat, because the TAXI bar can be intimidatingly high.

    I'm finishing this year with several completed songs, and a few others in the process. I wrote a lot of lyrics - and lyrical sketches - during FAWM and 50/90, so have plenty of material to revise and rewrite. I've also found a couple of new and very talented composers to write with.

March, 2011

  • I was so busy in February that I forgot to update! February was an amazing month, with lots of writing and creative activity. I finished FAWM with 26 new lyrics. A few of these will be - I hope - keepers, and the rest will be polished up and eventually find good musical homes. Whichever ones remain can be salvaged later for spare parts. (-:

    March is getting off to a good start, with a few new collaborations on the agenda. Spring's on the way as well, with crocuses beginning to peek out and the sun nudging buds on trees. Difficult not to resist the call to fresh new starts in every direction. (-:

January, 2011

  • Looking forward to writing more lyrics and enjoying even more collaborations with wonderful composers, musicians, and vocalists.

    On February 1 I'll embark on the annual FAWM (February Album Writing Month) challenge - 14 lyrics/songs in 28 days.
    Can already feel the Muse tapping on my shoulder. (-:

September, 2010

  • YAY! On September 2 I hit lyric # 50 in the 50/90 Challenge. Now I'm just chilling, writing the occasional lyric at random, and working on getting demos finished and more songs into production.

July, 2010

  • It's that time of year again: FAWM 50/90! A challenge to write 50 lyrics in 90 days (July 4-October 1).
    I managed it last year. Let's see where the Muse takes me...
    22.08: Up to 37 lyrics, and 39 days to go. So far, so good.

May, 2010

  • Finalist and semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition 2010.

    A fifth song is now with InDiGi Music.

April, 2010

  • "Crossing Abbey Road" added to the play list on Live 365 Internet Radio "Newgrass, Prog & More"

February, 2010

  • Invited to sign four-song contract with InDiGi Music

  • "Silver Bullet" and "What's Better Left Unseen" to feature on "Spokane Ghostbusters" soundtrack for a fan-fiction audio programme to launch in July 2010

November, 2009

  • Highly recommended in International Songwriters Competition

October, 2009

  • Finalist and semi-finalist in UK International Songwriters Competition