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Breathe Me TonightA lonely motel janitor remembers days long past.This lyric is available
Every New Hot AugustReminiscence can be painful.This lyric is available
Fading NowPrelude to the end of a relationship.This lyric is available
Ghost TownMaybe there's a chance second time around.This lyric is available
I'm Not That GuyHe's being honest about his intentions.This lyric is available
Naked Near The TreeTragic tale of a grave misjustice.This lyric is available
Rag and Bone ManThe man is more than what he appears to be.This lyric is available
So Much He Could Tell UsA whimsical look at evolutionary biology and at gibbons.This lyric is available
Welcome At The 'Shady Saviour'This bar isn't like every other one.This lyric is available
What's Noble In MeLove can bring out the best in a man.This lyric is available
WitnessA woman reflects in solitude on the nature of a man. This lyric is available
Adult Contemporary/Ballad
Disappointment's Jagged EdgeEasy to get feeling this way in the daily grind of things.This lyric is available
The Promises I'll KeepA man reflects on his life with the woman he loves. This lyric is available
Her Ten Little ToesPoignant Celtic folk ballad about a man's love for his wife and his daughter. This lyric is available
How Precious You AreSometimes the people we love need to be reminded how precious they are.This lyric is available
Salt of the EarthThe mines take whom they want. Memory of a dad's last sacrifice. Folk-ballad or Americana/Bluegrass.This lyric is available
Midnight TrainSame old story. She up and left him.This lyric is available
Coffee and CourageA lonely man tries to summon up courage to ask the waitress on a date. This lyric is available
Do Not Attempt to BreatheA woman tries to save her friend from a dangerous love situation.This lyric is available
Leave This Fire AloneUpbeat, smoking country tune. She's hot and he's hot, but she's holding back. This lyric is available
Lilith, You Had Your ChanceAn upbeat, female, sassy attitude lyric with biblical references. Modern country.This lyric is available
Medusa On A Bad-Hair DayThis gal isn't to be messed with! Uptempo, sassy, modern country number for female vocals.This lyric is available
Noodlin' For PiranhasFemale sassy attitude with humour. This gal knows what she needs to do. Country-rock perhaps.This lyric is available
Shuttin' the ShopSassy attitude song. This gal's not giving her boyfriend another chance. Love's gone bankrupt.This lyric is available
Simple ThingsSimple things are at the heart of being human. About a brother, a guitar, and a backwoods cabin.This lyric is available
Stay Outta My LaneA feisty young woman gives an explicit warning to a would-be competitor. Lots of car-related imageryThis lyric is available
Reachin' For The RainbowPure disco. (-: This lyric is available
All My QuesadillasUptempo, tongue-in-cheek story of quesadillas and losing love.This lyric is available
An Epiphany Short of EnlightmentA search for truth can have a surprising result. This lyric is available
Barefoot At The Water's EdgeMid- to uptempo Celtic or folk ballad about a young girl who was led astray.This lyric is available
Blank Sheet of PaperThe singer reflects on her life, wishing she could retrace her footsteps.This lyric is available
Dented But DoggedOn the journey of life, we keep moving forward.This lyric is available
Folks Say I Gets WorseAn 18th-century woman reflects on her life and a love.This lyric is available
I'm Afraid of Naked WomenThis young man has a unique kind of fear, but there's always a happy ending.This lyric is available
Just Like The Sea50/90 Lyric # 10. Maybe Americana, bluegrass, or folk. Definitely a touch of Celtic.This lyric is available
Losing My FaithThe singer has lost faith. A perspective concerning religion. This lyric is available
My Magic Cardboard CarpetA homeless man reflects on what he's lost.This lyric is available
Of Such ConsequenceNostalgic memories of times and events past.This lyric is available
Simple ThingsA man, his brother, and two guitars. Reflections on the way things were.This lyric is available
Sweet Swan Of AvonLiterary history: Was it Shakespeare? Or Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke?This lyric is available
The Black and White of UsA man looks at photographs, and reminisces about the woman he loved. This lyric is available
Even Mr WrongSometimes second-best can be just fine.This lyric is taken
The Keeping My Virginity BluesTongue-on-cheek jazzy/bluesy lyric with a slight twist.This lyric is available
The Language I Speak BestShe knows what she does best. Hearing a raunchy jazz-type groove on this one.This lyric is available
You Clash with My CarpetA quirky, colourful look at incompatability in a relationship.This lyric is available
Crawl AwayBe afraid. Be VERY afraid.This lyric is available
Raging FeverBased on Shakespeare's Sonnet 147.This lyric is available
Turn Left into The InfernoDark, abstract, stream-of-consciousness-type description of an apocalyptic situation.This lyric is available
Wave and Disappear, BitchesA tongue-in-cheek, universal complaint about the so-called fairer sex. Hip-hop/rap.This lyric is available
All About YouAn upbeat little tune. The guy's girlfriend is egocentric, and he plans to dump her. This lyric is available
Biding His TimeHe's going to get even with bullies.This lyric is available
Black WidowLove can often take a challenging form. How tempting and beautiful the web can be.This lyric is available
In For A PennyBased on the nursery rhyme 'London Bridge'. I hear it as Brit-pop/pop-rock. Uptempo & zany.This lyric is available
Like A Sinner To A SaintLove at first sight can hit like a bolt of lightning.This lyric is available
SiberiaA man wonders what he did or said wrong. Touch of humour. This lyric is available
The Fires of MordorUpbeat, tongue-in-cheek love lyric involving social media networking.This lyric is available
The Old Me Is NakedA woman compares her past with her present. The past was much better.This lyric is available
The Void And The FutureGloomy reflection on the state of things. Pop-rock?This lyric is available
Brushing Granny's HairA creepy, icky song that might just do the trick at Hallowe'en. Anyone remember "Psycho"?This lyric is available
Colombian BrewThis woman's learned to treat life like a cup of coffee.This lyric is available
I Just Want To Get LaidTongue-in-cheek sassy rock/punk attitude. Female vocals.This lyric is available
InsomniaInsomnia can be a nightmare. This lyric is available
It Sure Wasn't LoveWho's to say it wasn't a kind of love?This lyric is available
It Wasn't JesusClosure can take many forms. This lyric is available
Please Mr. BuddhaWe may strive for serenity and wisdom, but the bottom line is that we're still wonderfully human.This lyric is available
Shake That TreeAn upbeat, tongue-in-cheek rock-'n-roller, inspired by the Book of Genesis. I hear a ZZ Top sound.This lyric is available
The Devil In MeSometimes a tarot card isn't what it seems.This lyric is available
Didn't See It ComingSometimes even gut instinct doesn't kick in early enough.This lyric is available
Suitcase AnthemKind of stream-of-consciousness imaginary travel. We take everything with us.This lyric is available
Social Commentary/Protest
Did It Feel Like Armageddon?Based on a tragic event in the US a few years ago.This lyric is available
Osteopornosis (or 'Titty-Titty Bang-Bang')One more addiction. A sign of the times. Thinking a rock treatment might work here. This lyric is available