All of these songs are available for placement in a music library, or for licensing to publishers or performing artists.
The Dreeman TreeA nostalgic look at the magic, the hope, the dreams, and - at times - the poignancy of childhood.Rusty Blakepreview
What Colour Is LoveIn the deep hours of night, we ponder the aspects of love. (Slow-tempo acoustic guitar)Billy Playlepreview
The Old You Was HotterUpbeat and fun ukelele tune. A girl laments the loss of her geeky boyfriend.Kahiwa Balfourpreview
Adult Contemporary/Ballad
Kindness I Mainly Recall Semi-classical AC piece that celebrates love and honours the elderly. Features piano and cello.Nadia Crippspreview
Folds Her WingsSimple love song in the style of a troubadour. He wonders when the girl will be his.Billy Playlepreview
Chicken of Depression BluesA fun, teeny bit raunchy blues song with a clever twist. All about a very independent woman.Ray Sharppreview
Frequent FlyerThis guy doesn't want to be tied down. I hear it in a swampy blues groove.Ken Damkierpreview
In The Night Of My RevelationSpoken prose-poem with soundscape. Alternative. Stream-of-consciousness. Paul Hudsonpreview
A Near-Life Experience50/90 Challenge Lyric # 2 So much talk of near-death experiences. What about a near-life event?Billy Playlepreview
Aiko-san and the Bamboo BlindThe young widow Aiko-san mourns her Samurai husband.Billy Playlepreview
Every So Often the GoddessAt times we need to look into the mirror of the heart.Billy Playlepreview
LordA classical sacral piece: Dying prayer of the martyr St. Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians.John McIntyrepreview
Magical Misery TourNot an 'original' title, but I like it. (-: Ian's production is suitably zany and over the top!Ian Burragepreview
The Keeper of HeartsPerhaps we really do have a Keeper of Hearts in our midst. Billy Playlepreview
Her 'Tude 'n Her TwangUptempo modern country/rockabilly song about a hot female singer putting on her show.Billy Playlepreview
Honey-Don't ListA Honey-Do list would be preferable. Could be uptempo modern country or southern-rock.Billy Playlepreview
I'd Rather Have a DumplingA tongue-in-cheek and warm-hearted look at the appeal of larger women.Dave Standridgepreview
I'm Blue, She's in the PinkThe young man can't figure out what he did wrong. It all ends happily though.Dave Standridgepreview
Poor Jaded, Faded RoseShe broke other women's dreams, but the past is catching up with her.Danna Moorepreview
Deliciafunky DivaPure disco! (Not electronica.) This guy has big plans for the disco diva. (-: Seriously uptempo.Mike Woodfordpreview
Show Your FaceThings are falling apart. We could use a little help from somewhere.Andy Guptapreview
Angels in SnowNostalgic look at the past as a woman remembers her father.Billy Playlepreview
By Lake and By LeePoignant Celtic/folk ballad about a young woman's loss.Steffen Offermannpreview
Come Hurry Lads to Sydney CoveBased on historical events in Australia when Sydney was a penal colony.Al Hughsonpreview
Deep Blue ChillExistence is a cold and lonely place for some people. Al Hughsonpreview
If I Were A SailorA tender song of longing.Billy Playlepreview
Take The HintHe's in love with a lobster fisherman's daughter. Mid-to uptempo folkish/shanty type of song.Billy Playlepreview
A Prayer without AmenA woman realises too late how she really feels. Lovely vocal and harmonies on this jazz/blues numberBilly Playlepreview
Candlelight Becomes YouA romantic dinner and lies by candlelight. Compelling guitar and melody. Rob Wood & Anne Cozeanpreview
Dancing on Bleeding FeetShe should have known better. The signs were all there.Billy Playle & Karen Mackpreview
Heart Please BreakA woman reflects on the nature of a past relationship. Reflective jazz-blues vibe.Billy Playlepreview
Last NightThe singer has a change of heart. Compelling piano and horns. Good Valentine's Day song.John Lawrence Schickpreview
Leave Your Mind at the DoorTongue-in-cheek, raunchy number with the intellectual in mind.Rob Wood & Anne Cozeanpreview
One Day We'll Be A MemoryJazz-blues song reflecting on the nature of a relationship. Full of imagery.Billy Playlepreview
Out Stepped Madam MayhemOften the good luck we wish for turns out to be quite different. But the singer isn't complaining.Billy Playlepreview
Simple Velvet and Basic Diamonds50/90 Challenge Lyric # 6 A tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top diva-esque show tune or jazz number.Billy Playlepreview
Wednesday's ChildBased on the 19th-century children's nursery rhyme about days of the week. Billy Playlepreview
Yard SaleSwampy little lounge-jazz song. Lonely woman knows she has everything a man needs.Billy Playlepreview
Young Man, GoodbyeA woman reflects on a young lover in past.Billy Playlepreview
Lilith's DaughterLilith - Adam's first wife - was a naughty lady indeed. So were her daughters.Peter Watkinsonpreview
ScavengerPlenty of good, grim heavy-metal imagery including deserts, bones, vultures, rocks, and graveyards.Peter Watkinsonpreview
The RatsRats will be around long after we've gone.Peter Watkinsonpreview
Stoned on My PeachA bouncy "full production" celebrating the tasty aspects of being in love.Billy Playlepreview
This Is Not A Love SongAll about a man's vulnerability versus his denial. Lovely upbeat pop-ballad.Raul Rodriguez Jr.preview
A Kiss-Me Shade of RedThis guy loves lipstick scrawls on the mirror. Superb vocal and keyboard performance.Billy Playlepreview
Heaven Won't Take HimThis man's dangerous. Here it's in a country-rock/southern-rock style.Vic Arnoldpreview
A Green Leaf In Its HandProg-rock. Epic 3-song cyle based on the '70's sci-fi film "Silent Running".Andy Gupta/Billy Playlepreview
A Stone's Throw from Rock BottomOn the way to rock bottom, a woman reflects on her life.Patricia Dovidiopreview
Addictions Speak Louder Than WordsAt some point before it's too late, we need to listen.Billy Playlepreview
Crossing Abbey RoadA musical tribute to the Beatles and swinging London in the 1960s.Ray Sharppreview
HeavenMafia-inspired narrative featuring lots of action and a riveting guitar solo.Dave Pattersonpreview
I'm on Your StreetAn innocent man is bent on revenge. Upbeat little rocker featuring honky-tonk piano.James Merrileepreview
Into the LightShades of "Rush". Out of the darkness and into the light.Michael Woodfordpreview
May I Have a Large Container of CoffeeFun, upbeat, alternative. A kind of love song about a lonely astronomer and a shy waitress.Calum Carlylepreview
Seize The ThroneProg-rock. Based on Arthurian legend. The evil Mordred wants to seize the throne.Billy Playlepreview
Sharpen Our Teeth on Your BonesPeter Ustinov: "Parents are the bones on which children sharpen their teeth".Bobby Clohessypreview
Silver BulletVoodoo, vampires, and skeletons thrown into an uptempo grungy rock mix.Calum Carlylepreview
What Colour is LoveIn the deep hours of night, we ponder the aspects of love. (Uptempo rock version)Valerie Coxpreview
What's Better Left UnseenRaunchy shades of Carlos Castaneda. Weird things happen on the way to Sonora.Billy Playlepreview
Social Commentary/Protest
Old Enough to Kill a ManWWI. An unspeakable and needless tragedy. This song honours the children who fought and died.Billy Playlepreview
The Biggest Sale in Town: Black FridaySomeone is killed at work in bizarre circumstances. Where is accountability? Kennethpreview
The Dreamtime is PastA plea for dolphins, who can't speak for themselves.Billy Playlepreview
Cream of Depression SoupA delicious retro-funk treatment. Think KC and the Sunshine Band.Billy Playlepreview
Gettin' Tight with Loose WomenFunky and highly danceable tongue-in-cheek song about a small-time Casanova.Johnny Hoevepreview
The AngelsThe silence of Christmas Eve as it was celebrated through the centuries. Also Prog-Rock/Classical.Billy Playlepreview
The Fiery FlamingoCharming Celtic-style lullaby featuring a beautiful flamingo, along with violin and guitar.Robyn Mackenziepreview